The Best Smart Water Bottle in 2020 – 5 Great Bottles to choose

2nd July 2020

The Smart Water Bottle: Everything You Need to Know

The health and fitness tech industry is booming. There is a multitude of fitness devices and apps available that will help you to take better care of yourself and plan your training sessions to perfection. And with apps and features that help you to keep track of sleep and stress, it has never been easier to take a holistic approach to your health.  The smart water bottle is the latest addition to the health and wellbeing tech range and it is revolutionising the way we drink water. But are they anything more than a gimmick?
In this article, we’ll answer some of the most pressing questions.

Are Smart Water Bottles Reusable?

smart water bottle

Have you ever refilled an old Evian bottle in a bid to be more environmentally friendly? Well, research has shown that reusing certain types of plastic can be bad for your health and the environment.

The BPA in certain plastics can release harmful chemicals into the water and plastic bottles never fare well when reused multiple times.

With a well-designed smart bottle, you’ll get hundreds and even thousands of uses out of one bottle. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about exposure to harsh and harmful chemicals.

How Do Smart Bottles Work?

Smart bottles work by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. Different models offer different features. Some have smart lids containing sensors. These tell you various things such as how much you need to drink, the water temperature, and your water goal for the day.

Some also pair with your fitness tracker and tell you how much activity you have done. Others are quite simple and glow or light up when you need to take a sip.

Do Smart Water Bottles Have BPA?

smart water bottle

Monitor Hydration Levels with a Smart Water Bottle

There has been a lot of bad press about the harmful effects of BPA in plastic water bottles. BPA stands for bisphenol A and is an industrial chemical that is commonplace in certain resins and plastics.

Some research has shown that BPA can leak from the water bottle into the water and cause possible side effects. These side effects can include behavioural problems and issues with increased blood pressure.

While we can’t guarantee that all smart water bottles are BPA-free, the majority of manufacturers will have avoided this in their manufacturing process.

It is always good to conduct a thorough review of any smart water bottle to ensure it is safe for long-term use.

How Much Water is in a Smart Bottle?

Water capacities vary between smart water bottles and can range from 500ml up to a whopping 1 litre.

smart water bottle

Don’t keep it old school.  Invest in some Tech.

Which you choose will depend on your level of activity and how much water you want to carry about with you. These bottles can get very heavy when full.

Are Smart Bottles Better Than Regular Bottled Water?

So, there are a few things to consider here. Will they make your water taste better? Possibly, considering they keep your water cooler for longer.

Will you save money? If you use a smart water bottle and tap or filtered water, you will save money over time compared to buying bottled water. Is a smart water bottle safer? Yes, if you choose a BPA-free bottle.

5 of the Best Smart Bottles on the Market

Equa Smart Water Bottle

The Equa Smart Water Bottle is a hydration habit builder and healthy lifestyle reminder that will keep you refreshed all day. With its built-in motion sensor, the Equa will remind you when its time for your next sip.

Once you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. With Equa’s regular glowing reminders you can avoid dehydration, headaches, and depleted concentration levels.
Price at time of Article: €74

smart water bottle

Buy it today

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Checker

The H20Pal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Checker automatically tracks your water intake and sends that data to your smartphone. With the H2OPal app, you can create personalised hydration goals and see your progress over time.

Once your goal is set, you’ll receive timely notifications that help you to drink water when you need to.

This is a good looking water bottle too and will be a welcome addition to your gym bag.

Price at the time of Article: $99.00

Smart Water Bottle

Buy it today!

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

The Ozmo Active Smart Bottle has been carefully designed for people who need to track their water consumption. Its sensors are unique and can tell whether you have filled the bottle with water or with coffee.
Unlike some other smart bottle manufacturers, the makers of Ozmo have steered clear of using glass. Instead, they have opted for ABS plastic and which should stop your bottle from breaking if dropped or knocked.

Price at time of Article: £70

smart water bottle

Buy it Today

Pyrus Smart Water Bottle

The Pyrus Smart Water Bottle comes with a wealth of features that will ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. The timing function and alarm reminder will remind you to drink water at regular intervals or take medication on time.

It offers fast charging in 2 hours and will keep liquids cold for 24 hours. As well as store hot drinks if you prefer. And also has a water purity sensor that helps to ensure healthier water consumption.

Price at time of Article: £32

smart water bottle

Buy It Today

Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle

The Bellabeat Spring Smart Water Bottle is one of the best looking smart water bottles around. It lives up to its smart name too. By using certain variables such as your height, weight, location, age, and whether you are pregnant, the Bellabeat can determine your ideal water intake.

They ensure you stay properly hydrated, you will receive hydration reminders during the day. The sensitive motion sensor logs your water intake and can even tell the difference between water consumption and accidental spills.

Price at the time of the article: $99.00

smart water bottle

Bellabeat sleek and stylish

Buy it today

Wrapping Up

Just when you thought that everything had been invented, another product hits the market designed to make life easier.

Smart water bottles are a great investment for anybody looking to improve their water intake.

From glowing bottles that work on motion to truly connected bottles that offer a wealth of features, there is sure to be a smart water bottle out there to suit your needs.

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