Top 10 ways to get more from workout technology

2nd July 2020

Top ten ways to get the most out of workout technology



Workout Technology is revolutionising the way we exercise. It can help us stay fit in many different ways to keep our body and mind healthy. In fact, experts believe that workout technology is making exercise and fitness more prominent in most people’s daily routines.

And with governments and businesses looking to get people in better shape, there has never been a better time to get involved.

So, how is workout technology helping us to improve our exercise regimes? And how can you get the most from workout Technology? Here are the top 10 ways to get the most from workout technology to improve your fitness.

Top Ten Ways That You Can Use Workout Technology

1. Keeping track of your steps

One of the key metrics that we use as a measure of how much exercise we do is the number of steps walked in a day.

Workout Technology

Use Tech to Track Your Steps

There are numerous wearable technology products that you can use to monitor this, from watches to trainers.

By monitoring the number of steps taken, you can set simple yet effective goals for improving stamina and efficiency.

In a month, you could aim to increase your number of steps by 100 a day or decrease the number taken to cover a certain distance.

2. Monitor vital health signs

Your pulse, blood pressure, and other body signals are important for health.

Workout Technology

Monitor Your Heart Rate For Vital Signs

Those with high blood pressure or pulse rates can use technology to monitor and track their performance over weeks and months to try to bring them down to more reasonable levels.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, using technology for this can help you avoid major health concerns as you get older. For instance, better blood pressure can lead to a decreased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other health problems.

3. Avoid injury

One of the least known ways that wearable technologies help with our fitness is that they can help keep you from injuring yourself. Technology in shoes can make you run more efficiently, which in turn can minimise your risk of injury.

When you have fewer injuries, you can train more consistently, which allows you to work out more often but at less intensity to get better results.

Top 10 ways to get the more from workout technology

4. Keep you focused

Nowadays, you can use MP3 players, iPods, or even your mobile phone to play your favourite tunes as you workout.

This can keep you focused and motivated while exercising. You could even have specific playlists depending on the fitness activity, such as relaxation music for final stretches.

You don’t even need to have wires connecting to headphones. Most devices will connect to wireless earpieces so they don’t interfere with your activity.

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5. Set goals

Some wearable technology is good at not just monitoring what you’re doing but setting goals for you too. It will monitor your performance and then extrapolate a sensible and reasonable level of improvement for you.

This allows you to plan your fitness routines to make improvements to your health that are realistic and achievable. You’re also more likely to stick to those routines.

6. Can aid in recovery

Several people give up on their fitness routines because they don’t recover from sessions quickly enough. However, there are workout technology products out there that can help runners, gym enthusiasts, and those doing casual fitness to recover from tough workouts. The perfect remedy for post-exercise recovery is the Omron Heattens.  Thes multitalented pads use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology (TENS).  They are customisable heat therapy and massage to soothe aching muscles.  Currently retailing at £99.99.

Workout Technology

The Omron Heatten Uses Heat Therapy

One such type of product is undergarments. They help to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation. This type of product is also linked to lower levels of stress injuries. Therefore, you’ll be more likely to continue your exercise routine the next day, without the aches or pains that can be caused by a particularly heavy fitness session.

7. Using game consoles with wearable technology

There are lots of fitness games that are available on consoles. You can get Zumba routines, dancing, boxing, and fitness games. While most don’t have any wearable technology, some games require you to wear connected technology to interact with the game.

Workout Technology

Working Out With Zumba Fitness

These can be enjoyed on your own, when you’ve pinched your child’s console, or as a family. Or if you’re a little competitive, you can play against friends.

Your scores and exercise history can be recorded and kept. This can be a great way to monitor how your fitness is improving over the long-term.

8. Sharing your success

When you work out with a group, you can inspire each other to keep on pushing and achieve your goals. The same can be said with fitness, when you exercise as a community, you can support each other during fitness routines and inspire each other to reach your goals.

Workout Technology

Post Your Achievements to Other Strava Users

With workout technology, communities don’t even need to be in the same location. There are lots of ways to have a community online with either online cycling routines or just sharing your news with others in a Facebook group. Getting the support you need to mentally keep going is important. Some wearable technology, like Fitness Watches, allows you to share your fitness data across social platforms.

Equally, Install social apps like Strava on your phone.  Then share your details about your Strava activity on social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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9. Monitoring and reducing sweat

One of the most significant advancements in wearable workout technology is the monitoring of our sweat. Technology is available where our sweat during workouts can be monitored. This has several benefits, including finding possible health concerns from the composition of the perspiration.

In addition, some technology can help to reduce perspiration by helping the body to maintain lower body temperature when exercising.

10. Keep track of time

While spending long hours on your fitness is admirable, you need to ensure you’re giving your body enough breaks to recover. That is why the oldest form of wearable tech, a watch, can be useful. You can set alarms on your watch to notify you when your exercise time is up and you can track your performance with lap times.

Workout Technology

The Polar Ignite Is a Great Budget Watch

The great thing about smartwatches is that they are fairly inexpensive and not very intrusive. You probably already have a watch that can do everything you need it to do. If you don’t. Check out our Best Value Sports Watches in 2020 article.


Technology can become a significant part of any fitness routine that can help you to stay healthier. Whether it is finding events or groups nearby for moral support, finding new routines to help get more out of your exercise time, or monitoring performance, there is technology there to help you. You just need to know where to look and how to use it.

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