The Best Headphones For Your Workout To Make You Train Like A Spartan

So what are the best headphones for your workout? Finding the right headphones and earphones for your workout can be a challenging task. You need your music to play at the right volume, for crystal clear sound even when you’re running and jumping. So which work out Buds are the best and what are the Best Headphones for your workout?

Most people rely on their music, or interesting podcasts, to get them through their workouts at the gym. Your music can even help to pace you whilst you’re running, or help you get into the zone.

Noise-canceling headphones for the gym

Fitness headphones work best when they’re blocking out the outside world. Then, you can focus on the sounds you love and not on the whirr of the treadmill.

With a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones, you don’t need to turn the volume up to damaging levels to hear your tunes over everything else.

best headphones for your workout

From comfortable foam to dampen sounds from the outside world, to active noise cancellation that uses microphones to intercept exterior noise, there are fantastic technologies involved in the creation of every pair of noise-canceling fitness headphones.

Fitness wearables

Earphones and headphones can be connected to your fitness wearables, giving you regular updates during your workout. Even with your phone in your pocket or your smart gear on your wrist, get in-ear updates about your pace and completed distance.

So, with such a large number of hearables on offer, how do you know which headphones and earphones will be the best choice for your workout?

Best for outdoor training

Unless you’re running by the main road, your outdoor exercise is likely to be in a quieter environment than the gym. Here, noise cancellation technology is not the most important feature. When you’re pounding the pavements or hiking in the hills, it can help to have some awareness of what’s going on around you.Best Headphones For Your Workout To Make You Train Like A Spartan

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones are weather-resistant, which is particularly important when you’re doing your training outdoors. But, you might prefer the security of over-ear hooks offered by the Otium Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

Best for the gym

In the gym, noise cancellation is important. You want to block out the sounds of the machinery, the out-of-breath gasps of the person on the next treadmill, and the grunts that drift from the free weights.

This is a great time to try the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones, building on the brand’s already excellent reputation for blocking out exterior sound. Or, if you’d prefer in-ear, the Sony WF-1000XM3 earphones are a top choice.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones

Price At The Time of The Article: £349

Sony WF-1000XM3 earphones

Price At The Time of The Article: £220

Best for runners

Runners, indoors or outdoors, need fitness headphones that will stay where they’re put. The action of running is typically bouncy and repetitive, causing some styles of fitness earphones to slowly work their way out of the ear. Wearing headphones, rather than earphones, can offer more security. But, if you want the best earphones for runners, look for ones with ear hooks.

best headphones for your workout

Powerbeats Pro earphones are wireless, but with that important over-ear hook. They provide high-quality sound and can withstand light to moderate rainfall. Meanwhile, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 3100 earphones are equally secure and offer less in the way noise cancellation, making them ideal for outdoor running.

Price at the time of this article £87.99

Best for bass junkies

If you’re a bass junkie, you need headphones or earphones that you can wear whilst exercising and that won’t make you compromise on sound. Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphones are great for music with bass, and are comfortable noise-canceling wearable headphones for the gym or anywhere else. For earphones rather than headphones, you can’t go wrong with the Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless series. Jaybird earphones even come with an optional app, for finer control of your music.

Best for the pool

To use your tech in the swimming pool, you’ll need a great Bluetooth connection to leave your smartphone poolside. Or, you’ll need a waterproof MP3 player that you can take for a dip.

Most headphones and earphones can handle light rain but are not designed to be submerged. Finding the best hearables for the pool can be a bit of a challenge.

best headphones for your workout

H2O Audio Surge+ headphones are the choice of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, which says a thing or two about their quality. They can be used in and out of the water, down to a 3.6m depth. Alternatively, choose the FINIS Duo bone conduction system that’s free from wires and in-ear buds.

Price at the time of this article £39.99

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Best for Battery Life

Juice (not the orange type) is essential for the serious athlete.  What’s worse than running out of battery halfway through a set or run?  This is where the aforementioned Jaybird Tarah Pro will help you.  It offers up to 14 hours in battery life. This means that only 5 minutes of charging equates to enough juice for a 2-hour set.  And it can be worn in-ear.  Or over ear with a non-reflective fabric cord included helping improve visibility after dark.

Soundwise the Tarah Pro offers great sonic enhancement capabilities too.   All this is in the form of an app.  If you need more bass or want better clarity you can do this all through the app.  You can even launch Spotify playlists via the onboard controls.

The price at the time of the article is £139.99

best headphones for your workout

Best all-rounders on a budget

The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones are a fantastic all-round budget choice, with good bass and a comfortable fit. They include volume controls and have ear hooks to keep them in place. These are wireless earphones but do connect together by a cable that goes around your neck. That said, you can clamp and adjust this wire for a tight fit that’s tailored to your body.

Ideally, you’ll spend more on your workout earphones or headphones. But, if your budget’s tight, at least there are sensible options!

Price at the time of this article £19.99

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