Fitness Tech Hacks To Help You Hit The Heights

Fitness Tech has been a game-changer not only for the fitness industry. But for people looking to get fit without having to fork out a fortune.  The large slew of fitness tech availability has meant that getting fit has never been easier. Keeping fit in the modern age isn’t just about exercise. Now we are becoming more reliant on fitness tech to inform us about HOW we should exercise, as well as what we are already doing right and wrong. Data, Data, Data is the mantra as we try to digest as much information from the connected self as possible

Checking your steps, monitoring your heart rate, and evaluating your goals. It is a buzz for many people on the move.  As they marvel at the magnificent pieces of tech and gym wearables coming out and how they can help master physical self-improvement.

Choice can be a good thing but choice can also be a hindrance.  With so many gadgets on the markets, quite often people get lost in marketing spin as they strive to achieve greater heights. And they are very often left disappointed

There is so much that you can get out of Fitness Tech.  So let’s kick disappointment out of the door.  Here are the essential tips you need to know for utilising Fitness Tech.

Step tracking

Getting into shape is a series of stepping stones. Which makes it quite fitting that tracking your steps is often the starting point of any regime. It has also been the most applicable in terms of Fitness Tech. And yet accuracy used to be a major issue.

Fitness Tech

What registered as steps on our gadget was a brief stumble. Today’s Fitness Tech can give us a more accurate analysis of the steps we take. Of all the brands and gadgets out there, the Fitbit Versa 2 is the one leading the charge. You can measure your steps, distance and even floors climbed with features such as 24/7 heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. The Fitbit Versa 2 lets you know what and how many steps you need to be taking to get where you want to be.

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Gym workouts

A sure-fire way to get the body you want is to pump iron at the gym. Once upon a time, it would have been nigh-impossible to predict how many weights you need to be lifting to make a difference. This is where Fitness Tech enters the picture. And in particular the popularity and use of Fitbit.

Fitbit Fitness Tech

Fitbit Have A Wide Range of Fitness Tech

One product that every aspiring bodybuilder should consider is the Fitbit Surge. It’s not rife with specific activities, but it can still be used to manually track weight-training. It also has an onboard accelerometer that you can use to log reps. Another gadget that is unnerving in its accuracy is the Gymwatch. Whatever weightlifting exercise you are looking to undertake, the Gymwatch can monitor your motion and form. Even if you’re doing a workout that requires you to use your body weight or a machine, you will still have pinpoint accuracy on all your movements.


Swimming is one of the key sources of fitness, but we haven’t always been able to get an accurate measurement on account of the lack of waterproof gear.

Fitness Tech

Moov Now is a great alternative to Fitbit

Fitbit is an ideal source of fitness gear, but when dealing with swimming specifically, a good product to turn to would be the Moov Now, which despite its small budget offers swimming stats that rival smartwatches worth several times the price. A nice little feature for this device, in addition to the common lap counting tool, is that it can also calculate distance per stroke and turn time.

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If you fancy yourself as the next boxing champion, you will want to find a way to measure the moves you make for maximum impact. One piece of software that can aid that progress is the PIQ Robot. This sensor-based wearable allows the wearer to monitor punch speed, impact, and retraction time, making real-time calculations along the way. It will educate you on how to improve your punch coordination, guaranteeing you’ll have a sharp fighting style when it comes to facing an actual opponent.

Check out its team up with legendary boxing brand Everlast.

Fitness goals

We are always setting ourselves fitness goals (whether this is how many miles we need to cover or how much weight we should be lifting). But sometimes, it’s difficult to make that mental reminder stick, not to mention we are never quite sure of how far we should push ourselves. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a sprinter, look to Nike + Running to get yourself ready for the next marathon. If you’re a gym enthusiast, look for Fitocracy, an app endorsed by Arnold Schwarzeneggar himself, which awards you points and badges based on the activities you set yourself. And when the time comes to move the virtual goalposts forward, you will be able to do so at a measured-pace, enough to feel the difference to your body, but not to the point you risk exhausting yourself.

Heart rate monitors

Monitoring your heart rate is not just about getting into good shape, but maintaining your health for the long run. This is where accuracy is most important.

Fitness Tech

Apple Watch Tracking Heart Rate

The right piece of software keeping tabs on your ticker could be the thing that alerts you to any irregularities with your heart. This allows you to act on it before any negative symptoms begin to set in. One application guaranteed to do right by you in this regard is the Apple Watch. More specifically, the Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a second-generation heart-rate sensor.

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GPS trackers

A good workout is one thing, but being able to track how much you’re doing is the real gamechanger. If you’re a keen runner or cyclist, invest in a fitness app that comes with a built-in GPS tracker.

Fitness Tech

Use GPS For Running and Cycling

Strava is a popular option, with your exercise choices falling under running and cycling. Google Fit is a thorough application that will catalogue your speed, elevation, and route.

The app can also apply real-time data based on your running, walking, or cycling activities.  Many see Fitbit as the champion of the market when it comes to fitness Tech.

Fitbit offers several products that keep one focused and always working on self-improvement. Over the years bigger and better models have come on the scene.  But the Fitbit keeps coming back with more innovative products.

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Fitness Tech Tracking Sleep

The Polar Ignite Is great for Tracking Sleep

An often overlooked and underestimated component for getting fit is sleep.  Let’s face it we all lead busy lives and sleep sometimes can get disrupted and disjointed.

It’s overlooked but is a key component for getting fit. Sleep helps to boost immunity, support cardiac health.  Being in a deeply restorative state promotes muscle growth.  And most importantly controls stress and anxiety.

We want to ensure we’re full of energy when we exercise, but we’re going to have a hard time doing that if we’re feeling knackered from only three hours of sleep.

We want to ensure we’re full of energy when we exercise, but we’re going to have a hard time doing that if we’re feeling knackered from only three hours of sleep.

Fitness Tech Sleep tracking stages

Stages of Sleep on The Polar ignite App

Some of the latest smartwatches from the likes of Apple and Fitbit come with features that allow you to monitor your sleeping pattern, but the Polar Ignite smartwatch offers an exquisite

sleep-tracking feature, measuring breathing and heart rate to estimate what kind of recovery you’re making overnight, offering you a series of workout options based on your sleeping pattern.

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Wrapping Up

These methods have already benefitted countless people. Some have been able to improve as athletes, while others have managed to do wonders for their physical health. Many people have even adopted wearable tech because it gives them a sense of routine. Use the tips above to get started and choose a fitness tracker most suited to your fitness goals.

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